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Custom is standard

Commanding a clean elegance with nearly unlimited possibility, Agile OFIS uses DIRTT’s ICE software for unprecedented design freedom with unprecedented control. Guesswork about whether a design can be built or not is eliminated because ICE produces real-time pricing, design and manufacturing specifications, and parts lists in addition to immediate renderings as well as fly-trough’s that let you tour your design on the fly. There is also real-time AutoCAD integration for compatibility.

DIRTT architectural solutions through the power of ICE give your designer virtually unlimited freedom to create your perfect interior. The patented wall elements allow work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other object to be mounted seamlessly off the surface, without damage. The walls support legacy and new furniture, are reconfigurable, and easily refinished to suit future needs.

DIRTT wall sizes are infinite within the parameters of each part of the wall and come in all sizes and finishes. Face tiles are independent aesthetically and functionally, allowing designers to address different conditions on either side of a wall. The tiles and skins fit within a single frame but can also stretch across adjacent module frames and flexible connections offer faceted curves up to 15 degrees. Ironically, with ICE, your project won’t get frozen. Agile OFIS keeps you moving.

Ice Software

It’s like a videogame for design but with the brains and muscle for business. ICE® software provides interactive graphical exploration of your design at any time during it’s creation. Everyone is on the same page and understands the big picture because you see exactly what you’re going to get.

Design Team

Come to the best. Agile OFIS boasts the largest team of dedicated designers in the United States. We are specialists in using DIRTT with ICE software

Case Study

Burnaby Optimization Clinic

Burnaby, British Columbia

“It sets a new benchmark for hospital design.”



We don’t just build walls, we liberate the spaces in between

At Agile OFIS’ core is a set of robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing. The solutions include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Power, and DIRTT Networks along with cutting-edge ICE® technology and ICEberg®, a powerful modular vs. traditional construction cost-comparison tool. These solutions are designed from the start to be fully integrated and able to easily accommodate new technologies over time.
Our experienced team of professionals are trained to use these amazing tools and components to create the perfect space to suit your needs and stay agile for the future.


Agile OFIS announces it is now an authorized commercial distributor of Lutron Electronics motorized shades.



Agile OFIS is Houston’s premier DIRTT destination; here to help position your organization for adaptability, sustainability, and efficiency, all with style and ease.


DIRTT Walls are open to more function and more customization than any other in the industry, giving designers virtually unlimited freedom. They are environmentally sustainable, flexible, unique and highly productive.

Communications & Technology

Communication is vital.


100,000 sq ft in 26 days

The expert experience Agile OFIS has when coupled with the comprehensive integration of ICE software, creates a blazingly fast process from beginning a solution through design which ultimately helps the contractor finish on time and ultimately creating and unmatched experience. Whether it is the initial install or reconfiguring for your space, you’ll be able to achieve results quicker than ever before. From the simple components we use to embrace your need along with our technology solutions we design to accommodate with remarkable agility.


The advantages of ICE-designed interiors don’t stop at design, manufacturing, or billing. Build-out times also speed up significantly.


Reconfiguring an interior can also be done in record time. With ICE software keeping track of all your components and the layout, changes are quickly and easily made.

Case Study


Chicago, Illinois

“We needed to create an environment that contributes and promotes employee productivity.”


Reduce… Reuse… Reuse… Reuse…

Every level of DIRTT reflects our devotion to the environment. Our solutions mitigate waste, energy and sprawl for our Clients. Our manufacturing methods, our marketing tools and our people are continually lessening the waste stream, carbon footprint and energy use. Equally important, every day we prove environmental sustainability is a profitable enterprise that does not cost our Clients more and in fact can improve their own efficiencies.


It Lasts

Agile OFIS uses DIRTT not just because of it’s impressive design, ease of implementation and environmental friendliness, but also because it lasts.

Competitor’s Waste

Traditional construction leaves waste all over the place from mistakes in manufacturing to customization on site to overprinted marketing materials.

Case Study

Johnson County

Lenexa, Kansas

“This building’s supposed to last 100 years, so flexibility was extremely important in all our decisions.”


Experts Serving Locally For You

Agile OFIS proudly serves:

•Construction •Corporate
•Creative •Education
•Energy and Resources •Financial
•Government •Healthcare
•Legal •Manufacturing
•Media •Non-Profit
•Real Estate •Residential
•Retail/Hospitality •Technology

Case Study

Atlantic Container Line

Westfield, New Jersey

“It was amazing.”

Case Study

Cochrane Community Health Services

Cochrane, Alberta

“A whole new level of flexibility for us.”

Case Study


Deerfield Beach, Florida

“A functional yet futuristic aesthetic.”


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